1969 Chevy Camaro

One of Wicked Rods & Customs’ key niches includes turning old classics into completely unique, fully modernized, high-performance vehicles. And perhaps no car proves this more than the company’s 1969 Chevy Camaro.

After spotting and picking this car up from a small roadside garage in central Virginia, it rolled onto Wicked’s lot, ready for nothing more than a washing. Instead, they chopped this puppy up and tore it down, then custom designed and engineered every part to resurrect it as a one-of-a-kind, truly wicked creation.

While it maintains the theme of its original 1969 appearance, with the exception of its completely refurbished interior, there’s nothing stock about this vehicle. All new quarters and doors, and a completely refurbished roof and fenders show off Wicked’s metal fabricating and shaping abilities, while its Detroit Speed road touring and racing suspension, a full-length rear end, new six-caliper brakes, and a five-speed transmission (definitely not from 1969!) make this car a mechanical marvel. Add to that a modern 427-cu.-in. aluminum-head engine that reliably pumps out 500 horses, and this car is ready to rip around a race track, or make a cross-country tour.

A two-toned black and silver paint job show off Wicked’s unparalleled abilities in the booth to achieve a polished and fully custom look for every inch of every vehicle. In true Wicked Rods & Customs fashion, the under-carriage of this car shines as bright as its hood. Speaking of hood—you may have to reach out and touch its carbon-fiber accents in order to tell that…well, they aren’t carbon fiber at all! While we aren’t giving up any secrets, let’s just say that Wicked’s paint technicians have an answer for every creative problem and this one’s so creative that it’s almost indistinguishable!