How “Wicked” is made (and what we offer)

The genius of Chuck Anderson and Benny Mahoney has landed them everywhere from the pages of Fender Bender magazine to the Discovery Channel. But like most, they don’t do it alone. Wicked’s roster includes a complete lineup of talents, with specialties ranging from air brushing, upholstery and custom body work, to high-performance engines and electrical. Add to that a Rolodex including names like Art Morrison (the world’s most renowned chassis designer) and you have a collaborative team that’s without limits.

While Wicked specializes in complete tear downs and custom builds, we also offer the following services:

  • Custom paint and/or original paint restoration
  • Body restoration, ranging from minor repairs to full customization
  • Engine and mechanical modifications and custom builds
  • Custom air brushing, pin striping and detailing
  • Glass replacement for classic and antique vehicles

If it involves classic or antique cars and modifications, chances are we do it!

How far will we go with your restoration?
Wicked’s technicians will stop at nothing to ensure the authenticity of every fine and obscure detail for your vehicle—from matching every number under its hood, to the underside of its chassis, where overspray patterns can be matched to exactly what rolled off of the factory floor.

Want a Wicked ride of your own?