1970 Chevy C10

Nailing the perfect C10 took Wicked two tries, after the first truck turned out to be loaded with plastic, pop rivets and a hodge podge of frames. But boy was the second time a charm. The project fell close to heart for Wicked co-owner Chuck Anderson, as he did it hand-in-hand with (as well as for) his father-in-law, a long-time restoration buddy and car enthusiast.

This C10 rests as low as she can go, with its Custom American Racing wheels tucked neatly into its wheel wells (all of which were fabricated for this exact effect). But when you turn the key to fire up its 400-cubic-inch engine, a Ridetech air suspension lifts this truck to attention.

After removing the body from its frame for a part-by-part restoration, this Chevy received numerous design changes that make it one of the most unique C10s in existence. The tailgate is welded into the body, for a uniform and boxed appearance, while a set of trailer fenders were bent to form the bed floor, then painted and detailed to look like real wood. A burgundy and silver combination give the body a modern finish that’s smooth like candy, while giant swoops along the truck’s side profiles, trimmed out in an air-brushed chrome edging, give it a classic look that’s reminiscent of a 1953 Buick. A custom grille, exhaust tips that follow the outside of the bed, a bed-mounted gas tank and a retractable antenna that motors out from the old gas flap—all of this truck’s details push the concept of customization to its limits.

As if the outside isn’t enough, the interior of this truck is truly stunning. A one-of-a-kind dash was formed from raw metal and welded into place, then paired with a custom middle console that’s designed to match. Gauge chambers were crafted from tail pipe ends and protrude from the dashboard’s unique curve for a look that both draws you in and stares you down. The seats were completely refurbished in burgundy and black leather, then capped off with a kimono-dragon-style pattern that’s duplicated throughout the full interior. Unbelievable.

“Yeah, we went a little too far with it,” Chuck Anderson jokes.

Which means, by Wicked standards, they got it just right.